The Betty Fund

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The Betty Fund, established as a 501 (c) 3 late 2011, is our non-profit charity here at Tony Pepperoni. Our Mission is to follow the Biblical scriptures that teach us to help people in need by provision of homes and sheltered living quarters for homeless elderly to age with dignity.

The Betty Fund was created by Mr. Joe Locricchio, owner of the South Orange County and Oceanside, California Tony Pepperoni Pizzeria in 2011. After noticing homeless men and woman rummaging through the garbage dumpsters near his restaurant, Joe was motivated by his Christian values and the love for Jesus Christ opening his restaurant to those in need of a meal.

Ms. Betty - homeless for more than 18 years and abandoned by her family - became an iconic fixture to Joe and his wife Teena. Her story became the foundation of the "Betty Fund" and Betty has been in a home since 2010. A total of three homeless elders now have shelter and a home through the love and giving of the Betty Fund.

We do a fundraiser for the Betty Fund every year, spreading its purpose and God's work through our restaurants. You can help by donating at
For any questions, or any more information come on by, or email Sarah:


"I knew that on God's term that he would provide a place for me to live, but I didn't know where and when"
- Betty